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Blue Fawns

Blue Tans French Bulldog: Five Things Potential Owners of Blue Fawns And Blue Tans French Bulldog Need To Know

If you're thinking about purchasing blue fawns or a blue tans french bulldog, you may be wondering whether you have the experience necessary to handle this type of dog. It's smart to think about whether the dog you're considering is a good fit for your family. The fact that you're doing your research shows that you're a responsible dog owner, and you want to make sure you're finding a dog that makes sense for you. As you're considering a blue fawn French Bulldog or a blue tans French bulldog, there's some information you'll want to think about before reaching out to a breeder or adoption facility.

Bulldogs need 20 to 40 minutes of exercise per day. Bulldogs are different from many other dogs in that they're happy with a small amount of exercise each day. A half hour walk is usually more than enough to keep your bulldog happy, content, and relaxed. Bulldogs are easily over exerted, so you'll want to make sure that they get plenty of rest after they exercise.

Bulldogs can be pricey, depending on their bloodline. If you're interested in purchasing a purebred bulldog, prepare to shell out at least a couple thousand dollars. Remember, you'll also want to have some extra money in savings in case your bulldog runs into any health problems and racks up expensive veterinary bills.

Many bulldogs experience joint issues. Their short stature and heavy weight make bulldogs especially susceptible to joint issues. No matter how closely you look at your future pet's bloodline, some of these issues are not predictable. If you're set on getting a bulldog, it's important to know that they may experience some health issues down the line.

Bulldogs are extremely affectionate, and are likely to enjoy spending time with both your family and with other pets. Be sure that you'll be able to provide your bulldog with plenty of company. These gentle dogs love being social, and will revel in attention from you and your family members.

Bulldogs have a fairly short life span compared to other dogs. The average bulldog lives 8 1/2 years, which is 30% shorter than the average lifespan for all dogs. Rest assured - your bulldog will provide you with a lifetime of love, no matter how long they're by your side here on Earth.

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